National Autistic Society Survey

We are working with the National Autistic Society to ensure that all our practices are of the highest level and meet their standards for supporting children and young people with autism.

As part of this process, the National Autistic Society carry out a survey for autistic people and their families to gather feedback on our provision and how we as a school support your child with their autism.

Please be aware that there are two links, the first is for Parents and Carers of our pupils and the second is for our pupils themselves.

This first link is intended for you to complete as the parent/carer who represents the interests of the autistic person.

Link for Families of Autistic People -

This second link is intended for any autistic child or young person, who attends our School. It can be completed by the pupil independently or with support. Where possible the person who helps the autistic person to complete the questionnaire should be independent of our school but if you would like our help, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Link for Autistic People -


All responses go directly to the National Autistic Society.

Thank you for your support.