Papillon House School delivers a Communication/Community Based curriculum which includes:

  • Self-help and Independence Skills
  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development
  • Communication, Language and Literacy
  • Mathematical Development
  • Physical Development
  • Creative Development

Across the curriculum the children’s learning is enhanced by the use of signing, symbols, pictures, technology and aspects of the TEACCH approach.  Children’s progress will be monitored at all times and assessed using P (Pre-National Curriculum) Levels. We are currently piloting SCERTS (Social Communication/Emotional Regulation/Transaction Support) along with a maintained ASD school as we believe this will provide a better profile of the progress our pupils make and supports the way in which we work at Papillon House School.

Papillon House School provides each pupil with physical activities that are enjoyable and enables him/her to develop good motor co-ordination and improve communication and language skills. There are opportunities for indoor activities in the main hall and in the soft play area. Outdoor activities take place in the school playground and the surrounding woodland areas. This helps to promote self-esteem, an awareness of others and a level of co-operation.

Our children benefit from both a fully equipped Sensory Room and a Soft Play Room which provide light, sound and touch to develop the children’s social and communication skills. The mood room helps children de-stress and relax or alternatively as the need arises it will provide appropriate stimulation. The Softplay room allows children to explore and take risks within a safe environment.

The curriculum also provides opportunities for swimming, horse riding, cycling and community visits such as going to the local supermarkets, cafes and the seaside. The Secondary Department also offers our pupils the opportunity for overnight stays both at Papillon

The Leadership and Management of the School checks the quality of teaching and learning and the curriculum provided to ensure that staff do not impose any particular views. The School always ensures that a balanced presentation of views is offered. We do not promote any particular political views.