Entry Criteria

  • Children are referred to Papillon House School because they have profound Autism that affects their everyday life. This prevents them from achieving their full potential in a mainstream school environment.
  • Children placed at the school will have a statement of Special Educational Needs from the Local Education Authority.

Admission Procedures

  • When a child is referred to Papillon House School his/her papers are considered by a multidisciplinary staff team. Members of the team will then visit the child at home and/or at their current provision. Children may be referred by the parents/carers, LEAs, Speech & Language Therapy, Health, other professionals or via their current provision.
  • When consideration is given to a child attending Papillon House School very careful deliberation is given to the individual and to the remainder of the class where the child would be placed. This is in order to maximise the success of the placement. 
  • Parents or carers who are interested in their child attending Papillon House School are very welcome to contact the school and arrange a visit.
  • All places are usually funded by Local Education Authorities (LEAs).