Our topic this half term is ‘Fairy Tales’! The ones Meadow Class will be working on this half term are: Hansel and Gretel (Weeks 1 & 2), Little Red Riding Hood (Weeks 3 & 4), and The Three Little Pigs (Weeks 5 & 6). During this time, Meadow Class will focus on reading these 3 fairy tales’ books, working on using of descriptive language, focusing and maintaining attention on story, and being able to answer simple questions, as well as improve listening and visual skills i.e. ‘where is the big house?’. Meadow Class will also be learning topical vocabulary (including their Makaton sign).

Some of our off-site activities will involve buying resources from the shops to re-create own stories. For example, for the Three Little Pigs, Meadow class will go to the shop to buy hay (to make straw house), lollipop sticks (to make wooden house), clay (to make bricks for brick house)
This term, it is Meadow Class turn to go SWIMMING! Children and adults are very excited about this physical activity being reassumed after a long time! Meadow Class will be attending swimming lessons on TUESDAYS.

Stories and songs we will be covering during Spring 1:

Books: Hansel and Gretel (Weeks 1&2), Little Red Riding Hood (Weeks 3&4), Three Little Pigs (Weeks 5&6)
Songs: Hansel and Gretel Counting song (1-10, Weeks 1&2), Little Red is Very good (Week 4), Three Little Pigs songs (Weeks 5&6), Hello and goodbye songs (every day, morning and afternoon)

In Measurement and Geometry this term, Meadow Class will be learning about length through measuring own height on our class big measuring tape, and will keep a track of how much they’ve grown by the end of the term, measuring different objects i.e. clay and sticks to make bricks for pigs’ houses. We will also be looking at continuing and creating patterns as there are lots of these in our Fairy tale stories and will be looking at weighing and comparing objects through the use of scales and by feeling the weight of different objects in our hands. Along with Science (focus on Physics), Meadow Class will be exploring and feeling different temperatures through manipulating cold and warm/hot objects (with care!) and keeping a weekly record of the temperature in Pebble Hill. We will also be experimenting with sounds though walking our grounds and listening and looking carefully (there might be the wolf from our story hiding in the woods, or we might see the Little Three Pigs houses!). As there are many materials involved in our story, we will be exploring their properties too – we like to keep busy!

During Number lessons, Meadow Class will be looking at counting objects without error through rhyme songs and manipulating different objects. We are also very good at counting ‘stars’ we get for our class ‘rewards jar’. Some of the children will be taking part in dice games that involved simple addition, as well as finding the missing number.

This term, Meadow Class PE focus is Dance! We will be exploring their body movements through different music rhythms, copying and creating their own choreography to fast and slow music. We will also be playing different games i.e. ‘What’s the time, Mr Wolf?’ to improve social skills and turn-taking skills.

For the Personal, Social and Health Education area, we will be focusing on self-care. Every Wednesday after morning snack, Meadow Class will be going to the bathroom to brush their teeth, encouraging independence on remembering to do so and the self-care task itself. Please if you could provide a small wash bag with a toothbrush, toothpaste, and a small towel or flannel for this activity, that would be much appreciate. Please make sure any items included in the wash bag are not needed at home, as we will keep them in school and will be sent back only at the end of the half-term, to be washed/replaced. Meadow Class will keep working on developing independence skills within cooking sessions. Recipes are still TBC, but don’t worry, I can assure you we will be sending delicious, cooked foods home.

Our main focus on ICT this half term will be interacting with different devices in different ways, as well as becoming more familiar with the main parts of the class computer i.e. mouse, keyboard, and how to use those. Meadow children really enjoy playing different games on the big screen, which helps them to develop their eye/hand coordination as well as their motor and problem-solving skills.
Some children in Meadow Class will be accessing Boogie Beat and Akademi Dance this term. Both sessions are music based and aim to work on developing children’s motor and creative skills, through the use of different songs, stories and relaxing techniques.
On behalf of the Meadow Class Team, we look forward to a fun and busy Spring Term with all the children! Thank you for your continuous support and for always provide resources needed!

Best wishes,

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