• Topic

Our topic for Summer 2 is The Seaside! Meadow Class are very excited for the two topic-based whole day trips to Swanley Park and the beach! This term we will be learning all about sun safety and practising how to stay cool in the hot weather through lots of water play activities. We will also use our communities visits to pop to the supermarket and get some ingredients to make lemonade!


  • Off-site physical activity

Meadow Class will be practising their tennis skills every week in the park. They will have the opportunity to practise throwing the ball under arm and develop eye-hand coordination. *No need to provide any sportswear as children will be changing into their PE kits for this activity.


  • Literacy

Meadow Class continue to make progress towards their independent reading through weekly phonics activities, literacy games and the use of Reading Eggs. We will also practise our reading every week as we learn new topical words and complete our Reflection activities.


  • Maths

This half term’s first week is ‘my money week’, so children will have the opportunity to take part in lots of activities related to money, including making a piggy bank, practising earning and saving money, and using their savings to buy something special from our ‘shop’ at the end of the week. We will also focus on capacity in the Measurement and Geometry area, and on number bonds 1-20 in the Numeracy area. For Statistics and Probability, Meadow class check each morning the highest temperature each day and record the data in their individual graphs. Each week, they will be able to see what day was the hottest and the coolest.

  • PE – Athletics

This term Meadow Class will continue keeping fit and healthy by taking part in Multi Skills PE sessions. They will practise jumping and running in different ways, controlling each move and getting ready for Sports Day!

  • Science – Chemistry

Meadow Class will focus on states of matter during our Science sessions. They will explore different textures and will have plenty of opportunities to take part in Science experiments to test why objects move/feel/behave the way they do – including making bouncy bubbles that are harder to pop!


  • PSHE and ICT:


    • For Personal, Social and Health Education, Meadow Class will be learning about changing bodies as they grow up. It is important to value each body as it is, and to learn about changes that will happen and are out of our control. They will have the opportunity to look at pictures of themselves when they were younger and comment on what has changed. Children will also learn appropriate and realistic vocabulary to label intimate parts and the importance of keeping them private.
    • ICT – Children will work on computing skills, getting familiar with the devices parts and their use, and how to do so safely.


I can’t believe this is the last half-term of the year. Children have so far done incredibly well and myself and the team look forward to a last fun half term together!

Best wishes,



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