Swallowtail Class

This half term our topic is ‘Transport’, and we will be approaching this topic by looking at how various modes of transport have changed throughout history. We will spend two weeks looking at changes in land travel (such as cars, trains, trams, and bikes). We will spend a further two weeks learning about how air travel has evolved and learning about air balloons, planes and designing our own air ambulance helicopters. For our final two weeks we will look at water travel and how ships have developed over the ages.

This term, our physical off-site activity is swimming. This will take place every Tuesday morning. Please do remember to send your child in on this day with a swim kit inside a named bag. This should include swim clothes, a towel and shower gel. We will also be taking part in weekly tennis sessions on Monday mornings and for this session your child will need navy or black tracksuit bottoms/shorts and some trainers. If you could please send these in (if not already in school) we will keep these at school so they are available each week. Our community visit day has changed this term so we will be going out on the minibus on Thursday afternoons as well as (hopefully) one or two morning trips. These will include visits to local parks and libraries. We also hope to visit some local places of worship to learn about different faiths.

Our Science focus for this half term is Physics and we will be learning about different forces (gravity, and push & pull). We will also observe some changes over time such as watching tadpoles turn into frogs, measuring our height at various intervals and learning about how sound and light travels through various materials. In our Jigsaw PSHE sessions, we will be focusing on our new topic ‘Relationships’. Some of our weekly focuses include being a good friend, understanding different people’s needs and rights as well as focusing on understanding and taking care of our mental health. Our ICT focus this half term is the Twinkl scheme of work, word processing, and we will be creating Word documents including text and images. We will also learn how to use different features such as spell check, inserting tables and using editing and formatting features to change font styles and to edit pictures.

For our R.E. focus for this half term we will be learning about the 5 K’s of Sikhism and learning about what these objects are and their importance to the Sikh faith. We will create PowerPoint Presentations about these important objects and will explore these further in a range of art and design activities.

If there is any other information you would like me to provide you with or if you have any questions, please do get in touch.

Nikki and the Team


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